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Who We Are

The BC Aboriginal Child Care Society was established in 1996 to administer the $12 million BC share of the federal government's First Nations/Inuit Child Care Initiative. We incorporated as a non-profit society in 1998 and obtained charitable tax status in 2000. One federal evaluation described BCACCS as a model for other First Nations organizations in Canada.

BCACCS exists to:
  • Help Aboriginal communities develop high quality, integrated, community child care services that are based in the children’s culture, language and history. These services will promote healthy growth and development among our children.
  • Build an Aboriginal child care network by undertaking research, development, advocacy and supporting communities to develop their own resources.
We Believe that:
  • Child care is an essential building block for the social fabric of our communities and strengthens Aboriginal children, families and communities;
  • Our children have a right to high quality child care services that are culturally appropriate, affordable and comprehensive;
  • Our child care services must be community owned and directed, involve parents, Elders, leaders and community members and reaffirm their perspectives and teachings;
  • Our child care services must be responsible and accountable;
  • Child care providers require teaching and learning materials that reflect the children’s culture, history and traditions, and education and training that prepare them for their responsibilities in Aboriginal communities; and
  • Aboriginal people should have jurisdiction over their own child care system to ensure that it best reflects community needs, hopes and dreams.
BCACCS board members and staff participate in a number of federal, provincial and regional early childhood working groups, committees and councils, including: First Nations Summit Child Welfare Committee, Aboriginal Child Care Strategy Working Group, BC First Nations Head Start Regional Committee, BC Aboriginal Head Start Regional Committee, Provincial Child Care Council, Joint Stakeholders Regulation Working Group, First Call: BC Child and Youth Advocacy Coalition – Early Childhood Roundtable, and the Child Tax Benefit Working Group, Vancouver Aboriginal Council, Aboriginal Head Start Circle (Lower Mainland).