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Our Research

BCACCS engages in research and policy analysis. Various forms of documentation, literature reviews, data analysis and collection, community engagement and project/program evaluations may help to better advocate for and inform necessary supports for Early Childhood Development and Care for Indigenous children and their families, as contributions to the vitality of their communities and Nations.

Current Research Projects

A current focus of research at BCACCS is the gathering of documentation interviews that explore singular commitments to Indigenous early childhood care, development and education. Sharing the (re-)emergent strengths of First Nations early child development, education and care, is a key goal of this work.

1. Documentation Project

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2. BCACCS currently leads and participates in research partnerships with Vancouver Island University (one project of which partners with Aboriginal Head Start of BC), T’Kemlups First Nation (with the First Nations Health Authority, among others), the University of Victoria (School of Child and Youth Care, First Nations Partnerships Programs and the ECD Virtual University), Splats’in First Nation, Carrier-Sekani Family Services, the United Way of the Lower Mainland, and the University of British Columbia (and many others). These projects concern a wide range of topics, including supporting community-led research into elders’ contributions to early learning and child care, documenting Indigenous efforts to develop early learning in the guidance of traditional responsibilities, expressing and supporting Indigenous forms of leadership where First Nations children and families are concerned, transforming the culture of education in B.C., transforming corporate social responsibility in light of reconciliation, and looking to the land in Indigenous culture as a traditional authority in raising children.

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Over the years, BCACCS has been well placed as a champion in the field of Aboriginal ECD research. Partnerships with various organizations, colleagues and academic experts alike, have produced several publications that focus on topics specific to Aboriginal ECD.Some BCACCS publications are downloadable, while others are only available through hard copy purchase.

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