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Eagle’s Nest AHS Preschool

618 East Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC V6A 1R1
Tel: 604-253-3354
Fax: 604-253-3440
Email: Coordinator

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Eagle's Nest AHS Preschool

photo credit: Lance Belanger and Kitty Myka


The Aboriginal Head Start Urban and Northern Initiative started in 1995 and now there are 125 Aboriginal Head Start (AHS) sites in Canada. 

Eagle's Nest Aboriginal Head Start is one of two sites in Vancouver hosted by the BC Aboriginal Child Care Society. We are located in the heart of the downtown eastside in a very special childcare center that has been lovingly developed through extensive parent and Elder involvement. Our program is based on the six key components of AHS:

  • Culture and Language
  • Education and School Readiness
  • Health Promotion
  • Nutrition
  • Social Support
  • Parent and Family Involvement



Our goal is to create a culturally-safe environment for preschool-aged children and their families to share family traditions and culture, foster a love for lifelong learning and enrich all areas of development—emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual.

We are fully licensed and have dedicated, qualified staff that prioritizes ongoing professional development.  We believe that parent and Elder involvement makes our program a success and we strive to create a supportive community for our staff and families.

I've really enjoyed the time with my children in the Eagle's Nest Preschool Head Start program. I've sent two of my children and 2 foster children to the program and every year I've seen amazing improvements in my children's speech, social skills, and developmental skills. This year I have also encouraged 3 of my friends to send their toddlers to the Head Start Preschool program. I truly enjoy sending my children to Eagle's Nest and encourage everyone else to as well.

—Eileen Tann, parent

Preschool Brochure
Aboriginal Head Start Association of BC
Short bio of the Elders

Eagle's Nest Staff
Dawn Westlands—Program Coordinator
Melissa Dixon—ECE

Samuel Casey—ECE
Hiromi Amamiya – Bus Driver / ECE teacher

Eagle’s Nest Parent letters

I'm proud to say that I have had two children attend Eagle's Nest, one has graduated in June 2009 and the other has just started in January 2010. My family and I love the Eagle's Nest Preschool, they have a welcoming environment that feels like home. All the teachers and staff are very friendly and nice, they are always communicating with you how your child is doing and how they are progressing. The children have a lot of fun at preschool from daily outdoor playing at the private preschool playground which includes a mini longhouse, to eating healthy snacks and traditional foods, to brushing teeth and activities to free play time inside.

Eagle's Nest has given my child many opportunities to go on fun field trips and outings, such as the aquarium, farms, berry picking, vet visits, Museum of Anthropology, the local fire hall, parks and library. I also enjoy at Eagle's Nest that they have a PEAC group, every family is a member and there are monthly meetings to talk about the preschool, fundraising for graduation, special speakers and workshops. The PEAC votes on which workshops would be interesting to do, during different workshops I have been able to make a paddle, rattle, dream catcher, do beading and button work and best of all making a drum for my child to present to her at the graduation ceremony. One of my daughters has had the experience of graduating from preschool at Eagle's Nest and it was a wonderful experience to see my little girl accomplish one of her first steps of growing up. The graduation ceremony is a great family event from drumming, singing, dancing and to the actual handing out of the certificates to the children.

I especially like and am thankful that at Eagle's Nest my children are allowed and encouraged to be a part of their culture and that the teachers are able to share old traditions in everyday teachings. The teaching and tools the preschool has given my children have played a huge part in their pride of their culture and their eagerness of wanting to learn more about Aboriginal culture. The Eagle's Nest staff, teachers and funders have given my daughters an experience that will always stay with them; this is the beginning of making our culture proud, stronger and united.

All my relations

—Jaclyn, Eagle's Nest parent