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BCACCS supports Early Childhood Educators by keeping them informed about the latest news that relates to Aboriginal Early Childhood Development and Care (AECDC). We spread the word about upcoming conferences, changes to government policies, job vacancies, funding opportunities and special events.

Here's how we do it:

BCACCS in the News


2016 marked the 20th year BCACCS has been in existence.


We celebrated by posting champion profiles, impact statements, quotes, stories, and video that we’ve collected about how we’ve worked together to make an impact. Take a virtual tour of our history; visit communities, hear stories, and watch as we share what you and BCACCS have been accomplishing together. Read our celebration blog


From Seed to Cedar Awareness Campaign
Support AECDC in your community.

With the right conditions the smallest seeds can become the tallest cedars. Like seeds, our children hold incredible potential. AECDC programs play a central role in creating the conditions that nurture the potential of our children and unlock the spirit of our communities.

Join the campaign to help raise awareness about AECDC in your community. Learn more about AECDC and get involved:

Twitter: @SeedtoCedar