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Education and Training

Early Childhood Educators (ECEs) know the importance and value of education and life-long learning. BCACCS supports all ECEs and early childhood development professionals in their goals of continuing education and learning. 

Each year, we host an Annual Conference which provides valuable professional development and networking opportunities to delegates. The conference also offers culturally appropriate training that is specifically tailored to professionals who work with Aboriginal children and families. 

BCACCS Child Care Advisors offer year-round early childhood development training workshops. These are scheduled by request and are taught at community sites, both on and off-reserve, throughout BC.

Several colleges and universities throughout BC offer academic studies in ECE/ECD.  There are four post-secondary institutions in BC which offer specific degrees or diplomas in Aboriginal Early Childhood Education. A number of others include First Nations content within their course curriculum. For more information about university or college level ECE/ECD programs, go to our ECE Training Institutions page.