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Bringing Tradition Home

Aboriginal Parenting in Today's World

In April 2010 the BC Aboriginal Child Care Society released its parenting resource: Bringing Tradition Home: Aboriginal Parenting in Today's World (BTH). This parenting program was funded and created for the Aboriginal Head Start programs across Canada and was distributed to 140 urban centres by the Public Health Agency of Canada.

The program is designed upon traditional values but relies on the input and expertise of individual knowledge keepers who will add their knowledge and cultural ways for the benefit of parents in their own communities.

The BTH parenting program consists of eight 3-hour Gatherings and a final Celebration Gathering. Each Gathering is based on a traditional value and its importance in our families and community. Some of the topics include: keeping alive our connections to our culture; our responsibilities to our children; healthy child development; parenting styles; traditional childhood rituals and storytelling; the impact of colonization on parenting; and resiliency.

The values for the eight Gatherings are: Respect, Belonging, Love, Honouring, Humility, Courage, Wisdom, and Generosity.

During the first year since its introduction we have held several Train the Facilitator events around the province of BC and in Alberta and Manitoba. As of May 2011 over 135 people have participated in training and the program has been used in many communities with positive feedback. Several communities have expressed interest in adapting the program with the inclusion of their own specific cultural knowledge.

The Facilitator's Guide is available to purchase from the BC Aboriginal Child Care Society. Download an order form now!

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